What I am working on:


Uses a cheap 3D-Camera (MS-Kinect) to analyze a dike decaying from waterflooding.
Also used to measure the volume of a scour changed by water impact. Programmed for the Institue of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management.

Current Version:
Written in C++
Running on MS Windows since the MS Kinect-SDK is more reliable than freenect. But I plan to port it back to GNU once the project is finished.

Forth to .NET - Bridge

Making .NET available to VFX (a Forth System), the task of interfacing with the MS-World becomes much easier than using the old COM or DCOM interfaces.


Get your next dinner online and be impressed by the fact that your order is delivered via a collective of Rasperri-Pis. There are more than 10 daemons (background-programs) running to ensure that your food gets dispatched in time.

Das Salzamt

Light & Sound equipment owned by 2 friends and me, I developed the control soft- and hardware myself.


Our current incarnation of the control software, written in C++ using gtkmm. The code is ugly and the GUI is surprisingly slow on our (admittably old) laptop, but it gets its job done, and I am already thinking about reimplementing it all over again (4th Time).

WiFi ArtNet

Integrating a Carambola 2 into an old fog-machine, I want to start getting rid of (some) DMX wire connections, as it's never fun to mess around with hundrets of meters of cable.