Some programming languages sorted by their awesomeness (descending)


Stackbased, Meta-Language ( extend the language by using itself ), Interactive Compiler, Inline Assembler.
As this language is so awesome i have dedicated it a site.


When used outside of the browser context, it unfolds it's full potential: Writing nested functions, and having functions as first class citizens may seem alien at first, but once adapted it's sane and fun. After all this is Lisp wearing C syntax.
Given the number of libraries and the fact that node.js is currently the fastest growing community, Javascript is getting par with Python. However performance wise it is clearly magnitudes faster than Python.


Functional language which brings the beauty of prolog to real world applications and is not loaded with a far-to-bloated type-system like Haskell, rocks!


Using GNUstep, this language shows how nice an OOP C can actually be. It's much more fun and easier to read than C++.


Very sexy, multiple inheritance! Easy to use, cleaned up the for(each) - loop mess, uses collections in a nice way, and has tupels. If only the performance could be fixed :(


Quite nice if you do something on microcontrollers, but as it leaks of extendability and suffers from the precompiler-mess it's not usable for system programming ( wondering why it's still used here, learn a better language! )


Probably the ugliest syntax ever. Still it's nice to have a versatile, fast cross-platform language that does it's job.


Combines a lot of libraries, but has many disadvantages:

Still PHP is quite nice and if you use OO, the code gets really readable and maintainance-friendly


Tried to use it in the real world several times, without success. When facing special problems it kicks ass.


Sorry but since I've discovered the realms of Erlang and used it in serveral projects, this language has prooven inferior.


Could be interesting, but as a lot of people think it's the only programming language and everybody could do Java, I'm not thinking about digging deeper into it.


Write only language, to many syntax elements and confusing stuff. Regex is not the only way to get information out of text!


Not even slightly interested.